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Homeowner Installations

Ductwork Installations:

We provide complete design services for homeowners who would like to install their own furnaces or ductwork systems.

Click here - Example of our design service.

Central Air Conditioning Installations:

If your skills allow you to do most of the work but when it comes to the final connections and testing you feel you need help, call and let us know.

Quality Installation of HVAC equipment
We provide a service for homeowners like yourself that includes silver brazing* the refrigerant lines to the outdoor condenser (A),  and the 'A' coil  in the furnace (B), pumping the system into a vacuum to remove all air and moisture, leak testing, filling the system with the proper amount of freon and testing the entire system's operation. The charge for this service is  $350.00 - $400.00 plus freon costs.

* Silver brazing is mandatory. Regular lead solder will NOT hold the pressure.
You will have leaks in your system!

If you are interested, we would be glad to give you a quote on your furnace and A/C equipment as well. We proudly sell YORK furnaces and air conditioners which we have found to be very reliable and especially quiet. You will find our prices to be very competitive.                             

We will also be glad to give you a few pointers if you ask.


1.) Make sure your refrigerant line set is sized properly. Line sets sized too small to save money during the initial installation will cost you more in monthly electric bills for many years to come! 
2.) Pre-charged condensers only contain enough freon for a 15 foot line set. If the proper amount of freon is not added for the additional line footage your unit will run inefficiently each time you use it. Your home will be cooled but you will be paying more each month for electricity.

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