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     Let's face it. No one really looks forward to buying a furnace or air conditioner. They are not luxuries, they are necessities. You can't enjoy them like a new car or a remodeled kitchen. However, being necessities, we must make the decision to buy when an old system fails, or is close to failing. When that time arrives most consumers are unaware of the new innovations in the heating and air conditioning industry. Today's systems are more than appliances that just heat and cool our homes. With the price of natural gas skyrocketing, today's systems are investments. In most cases, based on real returns, they are better investments than our stocks or savings accounts.
     The problem arises when trying to decide which system will be right for you. This is where Climate Design can help. We will come to your home and answer all the questions you have as well as do a complete survey of your individual needs. We will then make a recommendation on the system we believe will best fit your home and budget. There is absolutely no charge for this service. We will also do our best to educate you on some of the options available for your installation so that you will be fully informed before making your final decision. The following paragraph is just one example of alternate methods of installing your air conditioning system. Please read on and give us a call if we can be of assistance.
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    The inside part of an air conditioning system is called an 'A' coil. It is installed inside the plenum on top of your furnace. There are two types of freon flow controls available for these coils, throttled (TXV valve) and un-throttled (orifice). Imagine driving your car up and down hills without a gas pedal. You would slowly rise up the hill and then fly down the other side without the throttle to control your speed. The same is true with air conditioning. On a very hot day you need more freon flowing through the system and on a mild day, less freon. The TXV control adjusts the freon to the demand put on your air conditioning system. In contrast, the orifice control flows freon at a constant rate regardless of outside temperatures. Naturally, the TXV coils are a better long term value if you are willing to pay a few more dollars at the time of installation. Keep this in mind when comparing bids for your new air conditioning system and don't forget to ask which type of coil is included when getting your estimates.

     In conclusion, it is relatively impossible for any contractor to spell out each and every part or technique they intend to use to install your new system and that fact alone will cause installation bids to vary greatly. Unfortunately, you can not take an air conditioning installation for a test drive like you can a new car so you are basically left with no choice but to select the contractor you 'feel' will give you the best job. On that note let me say this. I have been installing systems for 40 years and I have installed each and every one as if it were in my own home. I will not cut the quality of your installation for any reason. I will guarantee your satisfaction with my work and if you feel something isn't right, tell me and I will make the necessary changes to meet your satisfaction.  

The bottom line:  Saving a few dollars on a furnace or air conditioning system by simply taking the lowest bid is an idea that could cost you dearly over the next 20 years of use.

Here are some 'Approximate Prices' to give you an idea what a new central air system will cost you:
  2 tons of cooling added to your existing furnace plenum   ...........     2,550.00
  Each additional 1/2 ton cooling  ...................................................        290.00
   Programmable Thermostat   .........................................................        125.00
   Condensate Pump    ......................................................................       150.00
    Electrical Connections (Does not apply for replacement systems)        280.00

Remember, each job has it's own complexities so these prices are just ballpark to help you.

If you are building a new home, I can also provide complete design and installation on the HVAC system for your new construction.

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